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Rovus Handy Heater will help heat the housing quickly and easily, because this heater uses a wall-mounted installation and connected to a conventional power outlet. Clear and easy digital controls, a timer will help to program on – off heater for 12 hours. In the event of a malfunction of the device or faults in the network circuit breaker will save you from unpleasant consequences. Heater power Heater Handy Rovus 350 watts and allows you to achieve a comfortable temperature without burning oxygen and drying out of mucous membranes in the human body.

It is very important for families with children and Pets. Ergonomic design developed in special laboratories, are available for various purposes. In the office, at the cottage, the nursery, the bathroom, the dressing room of the sauna, shops in areas where it is important to maintain a stable and comfortable equipment, it will blend in any room. The heating element in the heater Heater Handy Rovus is made from safe ceramics. Plastic case is not prone to heating. All of these factors can become the key to warmth and comfort in the house!

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  • Automation, protecting from overheating and voltage drops in the network.
  • Economical El – 350 W., will not ruin the family budget, but will give a pleasant chat in a warm room.
  • The simplicity and reliability of the heating element that can please the colleagues in the comfortable office setting for many years.

Heater “handy Heather NOVUS” can become a friend and helper, protector and guardian from the cruel frosts and cold weather!

  1. Compact, powerful, low noise, high level of protection.
  2. Auto-protect.
  3. The choice of mode velocities.
  4. The ease of installation and connection.
  5. The ability to adjust the temperature in the range from 15 to 32 degrees Celsius.
  6. 12 hour timer with the ability to program turn – on- off.
  7. Compact size allows you to easily carry the device from room to other rooms, if necessary.
  8. The display (digital led model) will help in the management of the heater.
  9. Wall mount saves space in the room.
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Where to buy Handy Heater and its technical characteristics

We recommend you to purchase a Heater Handy Rovus only on the official website of the manufacturer, the price of the heater “handy Heather” is only …

To order, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website and there You will find an order form in which you need to enter the name and phone number in the international format. After that you will contact the operator to obtain the address of delivery and consultancy. He will answer all your questions regarding prices, current promotions and discounts, advise about new companies.

  • Timer: electronic;
  • Category: heat vent heaters;
  • The electrical power of 350 watts.;
  • Overheat protection: automatic;
  • Voltage network: 220 Volts;
  • Control system: the electronic system;
  • The ability to adjust heat: infinitely variable (stepless) adjustment, in the temperature range from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius;
  • The presence of thermostat: Electromechanical thermostat;
  • The ability to switch modes: two modes.

Heater Handy Rovus favorably to models of this type available on the market. Linking their hopes with this heater, you should not worry about the approaching cold weather. Saving money will provide reasonable price, reliable design and economical consumption of electricity.

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The types of electric heaters Handy Heater

Often the owners of country houses facing difficulty heating their homes, because to many of them not connected to any Central heating or even gas. Then the alternative becomes electricity and, as a consequence, there is a possibility of heating using electric heaters. Many of them can serve as a complement to the battery of Central heating, such as heater Handy Heater Rovus!

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Convection heaters

One of the most common ways available to electric heating. Its principle of operation is simple. Cold air from the room freely or forcibly gets into the heating device, where it is heated to a certain temperature and returns to the room. Such heaters are equipped with a shut-off system that activates if the air is heated to the set temperature. But they have a drawback — due to the created temperature differences near the ceiling and above the floor, increasing the circulation of dust in the air. Such heaters are often installed in homes and office buildings.

  • Pros: relative low cost, efficiency, safety, quick heating of premises;
  • Cons: the absorption of oxygen, the circulation of dust in the room.


These compact heaters work on the principle of movement of air mass by a fan. The air in them is heated by the hot coil or the ceramic element. The first are cheaper, but the heating element they burn oxygen and dry air. The second does not have such features, but are more expensive. A particularly powerful heaters are called heat guns. Often this kind of heaters is the only method of heating private homes.


  • Pros: low cost, compactness, rapid heating of the air;
  • Cons: low fire, the noise from the fan.

Heat accumulators

This is a relatively new kind of heating appliances, which became popular with the introduction of different tariffs for heating in daytime and nighttime. This device stores heat during periods of low activity and load on the grid and then disconnected from power and gives off heat. This option is beneficial to heaters installed where space heating is solid fuel. The tank provides heat to the fuel loading period and immediately after its combustion, and absorbs in a time when there is a surplus of heat. This method reduces the human involvement in the system of Autonomous heating.

  • Pros: efficiency, ability to maintain one temperature, reducing fuel costs.
  • Cons: large size and affordable price.
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This kind of heaters is a symbiosis of the electric heater with a fan. Inside of such a device is either a spiral, or metal threads. Often electric heaters assembled in ventilation and air-conditioning. Such facilities often heat large industrial premises, but also for installation in private homes, they are also suitable. In order to balance the temperature difference between ceiling and floor, often in the rooms are installed with ceiling fans that help besides to save money on heating.

  • Pros: relative compactness, ease of installation, the ability to heat large areas;
  • Cons: noise, large temperature difference between the air above the floor and the ceiling, the dryness of the air.

Giving preference to one or another form of electric heaters, focus on the area you want to heat and how often the room will be people. Rovus Handy Heater is ideal for heating apartments, offices and garages!

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