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With the arrival of autumn frosts so I want to take refuge in the cosy and warm room in the apartment, home or office. However, it often happens that the heat supply companies deprive consumers of this joy, delaying the beginning of the heating season. And then we need to stock up on ”greedy” heaters that consume too much electricity. The situation is changing. Full measure to evaluate the comfort of home the long winter evenings will help room heater Handy Heater.

Portable heat works from the usual outlets, occupies little space and eliminates the cold in the room area to 20 square meters. Feature Handy Heater — a saving of coziness and comfort in home or office for several hours. Guarantee — high quality materials used for the mini-heat source.

Description of heater Handy Heater

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A distinctive feature of the device is small in size. Handy portable Heater is cordless and requires no batteries and plugs right into the socket. The device is easy to bring to work or to provide heat to the rooms, compartment or Cabinet at the firm, where often very cold. Handy Heater is recognized as a heater of a new generation able to heat the room in minutes. The maximum temperature afforded by the device at 32 degrees.


Body Handy Heater is made of heat-resistant plastic — durable and quality material that ensure a long life of the heater. Even in case of accidental fall of the device will not break. Handy Heater features:

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  • thermostat;
  • protection system from overheating;
  • temperature controller;
  • digital display.
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How it works Handy Heater

Filling handy Tricky features a ceramic element and two speed fan, which ”throws” the warm air out almost instantly while providing comfort to everyone who is in the room.

To monitor the temperature on a convenient digital display and adjust with the thermostat. In addition, due to the presence of security, the device will turn itself off when reaching the programmed targets.

According to the manufacturer, Handy Heater can save up to 85 percent of the energy compared to other, even the most modern heating devices. To use compact device both in horizontal and vertical outlets, and the installation will handle even a child.

Advantages Handy Heater

Before you buy new, you should determine how it is better than traditional products, sold in all hardware stores. For example, Handy Heater has the following advantages:


  • has a low weight and compact dimensions;
  • connected directly to the grid;
  • made from high strength materials;
  • fire safe;
  • equipped with a thermostat;
  • easily managed and controlled;
  • is a device with an energy efficiency class A++;
  • inexpensive.

These advantages of the heater Handy Heater is confirmed by the feedback on the forums on the Internet. Buyers argue that analogues on the market of household appliances up to today did not exist.

Are there any disadvantages Handy Heater

Insights on the pros and cons of a device can be done only on the basis of real customer reviews published on the manufacturer’s website and forums devoted to technical innovations. About Handy Heater the feedback from consumers are mostly positive. People acquire a lot of amenities and celebrating the dignity of the heater, but without the ”spoon of tar” has not done.

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Sometimes there is a tendency to talk about the deception and lies from the manufacturers of the heater. What are the causes of such negative opinions? There are two of them: the order in fraud and failure to comply with safety rules specified in the instructions.

How to use Handy Heater

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In fact, using the Handy Heater will not cause difficulties even for a child. Just enough room to install the heater in a wall socket and turning on the touch screen the desired temperature.

Additional convenience — the possibility of programming the Handy Heater. At a set time or when reaching the desired temperature the unit will turn itself off and will continue to function when cold. This allows you to use handy Tricky even at night without worrying about overheating, damage to the mains and fires.

Where to buy Handy Heater

To protect yourself from the divorce of dishonest dealers only one way — to make the purchase Handy Heater only on the website of the creators of the new. This protects buyers from getting counterfeit goods. And well, if such a device simply will not work correctly and provide heat. The danger lies in the fact that counterfeits are easily damaged, provoking a short circuit wiring and cause fires.

To order the original Handy Heater on the official website (here it is) easy. To do this:

  • to fill out a form, name and phone number;
  • chat with an Advisor who contacted you immediately after receipt of the application;
  • to receive a parcel in the mail;
  • to inspect the quality of the goods and to pay for the purchase.
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The manufacturer claims that for residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the delivery will take no more than two days, and in other cities of Russia, the goods will be sent within weeks.

Customer reviews Handy Heater

Christina, 30 years:

Victor, 44:

Claudia, 40 years:

Lev Vladimirovich, 28 years old:

It remains to add that the cost compact heat source will surprise potential buyers. For the price of a space heater Handy Heater is available to all people suffering from remain heat in their apartments and houses. Mobile warming fan will provide comfort and improve quality of life in the autumn, winter and spring. The compact size makes Handy Heater worse bulky prototypes. This quality heater allows you to save a watt of electricity and money.

Remember!!! You will not find a cure at the pharmacy or store. Original drug can only be bought on the manufacturer’s website! This allows the company constantly monitors the quality of the product, its price and of course customer reviews.


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